About Us

Zachary Ventures provides big data predictive analytics to various industries. $88bn of assets have been valued and analysed as part of acquisitions of financial portfolios, including work on non-core and distressed assets and loss forecasting services have been provided on over £250bn of financial assets.

Our services are centred around three main pillars:

Objectivity & Integrity

  • Zachary Ventures takes into account objective information such as empirical data and benchmarks where available.
  • Consultation with clients and stake-holders in all assignments.
  • Truth-seeking orientation in all mandates and interactions with stake-holders.

Analytical Approach

  • Zachary Ventures provides predictive big data analytics, valuation, structuring, and related services of financial assets on global basis, including secured/unsecured across: performing, sub-performing and non-performing. Loan/pool-level predictive models integrated with cash flow models
  • Detailed analysis of historical data and patterns in all machine learning, predictive anlaytics and modelling services
  • Asset class coverage: corporate/leveraged & SME, residential and commercial/CRE mortgages, auto, unsecured, and credit card receivables.


  • Zachary Ventures does not act as principal in the same markets for which it provides analytics.
  • Focus exclusively on advisory services